Delivering your products

Understanding consumer’s needs and tailoring the delivery options accordingly is, today, essential for traders to meet the delivery requirements and expectations of customers. A satisfied customer will be more willing to repeat business and to post positive feedback on your website.

Therefore, it is in your interest to:

  • Provide easy access to the delivery policy on the website, describing the different delivery methods and the respective prices, in accordance with the provisions at law;
  • Clearly define delivery schedules and make every effort to meet those time frames. It is important that you establish realistic time frames that factor in any unforeseen delays;
  • Immediately advise consumers, in writing, of any delays in the delivery of products or services and of the new expected delivery or service date;
  • Provide a clear return and refund policy in line with the provisions at law, indicating the costs, where applicable, that a customer would have to incur to return items. Ideally, it should be included in all communications with the customer. The absence of such a policy is likely to deter customers from buying from your website;
  • Ensure that prices quoted to customers are correct and no additional costs are charged on delivery. Prices should not differ from those communicated to customers. In the event that you identify circumstances where costs may vary before the goods are dispatched or services are rendered and the variance has to be borne by the customer, you need to ensure that the customer is informed, prior to the conclusion of the transaction. Should additional costs arise after the order has been concluded, you should seek to attain the customers’s explicit confirmation of the order before the goods are dispatched or services rendered;
  • Clearly explain any new service prior to implementing the solution;
  • Plan ahead for deliveries during festive seasons such as Christmas, to avoid customer frustration.


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