eCommerce guides for SMEs



Do you want to gain a better understanding of what selling online entails? Do you even know where to begin? Are you at a loss when it comes to sourcing the products and services you need for setting-up an online store? These eCommerce Guides for Business, together with the BLINK online directory, are just what you need to get started in eCommerce.

This is what you can expect to find in these guides:

  1. What is eCommerce? Benefits and Risks 
  2. Planning your Business
  3. Planning your IT Requirements
  4. Taking your Business Online
  5. Facilitating Online Payments
  6. Promoting your Online Business
  7. Delivering your Products
  8. Putting the Customer at the Centre of your Business

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Planning your business

When planning an online business you need to be aware of the applicable legislation, such as the Electronic Commerce Act, the Consumer Rights Regulations, the Data Protection Act and the related Value Added Tax on goods and services for conducting online trade.

Planning your IT Requirements

Selecting the right hardware and software can be crucial for an eCommerce business! At this stage you need to carefully plan out the requirements, especially with regard to the equipment selected and security measures deployed, to ensure the smooth running and success of your business. This section will take you through the IT requirements you would need to consider when planning to take your business online.
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Taking your business online

Once you decide to take your business online, you need to secure a good domain name and create an intuitive website, amongst other things. This section will help you with the selection and registration of the domain name and how to go about planning your website.

Facilitating online payments

One of the benefits of eCommerce is the ability of traders to sell, and for shoppers to buy products from anywhere in the world at any time. You need to bear in mind that impulse buying is a common trait amongst digital buyers and having to mail a cheque or pay in person could discourage consumers from concluding a purchase. This section will explain what you can do to start accepting electronic payments on your website.
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This is a very important aspect which needs special attention when setting up any type of business, especially an online store. You need to connect with customers and stand out from competition. Find out more about how you can effectively promote your online business and increase your eCommerce conversion rate.


Delivery is a vital aspect in eCommerce, one which can significantly impact a customer’s buying decision. You need to guarantee customers an efficient service throughout the entire shopping experience. It is as important as having a well-designed website! In this section you can find some best practice tips on delivery.
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Providing exceptional customer service is critical for an online business. Customers may be wary of buying from a trader that they have never met before and therefore, need help to overcome their concerns and hesitations. This section provides more information about how to meet the increasing expectations of today’s customers.